The Secret Sauce To Landing A Great Opportunity

The workplace has been thrown upside down and it’s exhausting to keep up. We pivoted to remote work and mastered zoom, we tried return-to-work-place and now we’re adjusting to hybrid models which are so confounding that many are simply “quietly quitting,” making their own rules and setting their own boundaries.

As a career strategist, I love talking to people about their work, especially those who are enthusiastic about their jobs. It can be an Uber driver who enjoys getting to know interesting passengers, a Starbucks barista who makes each grande latte with a flourish or a florist who transforms even a few blooms into beautiful arrangements. What attributes do these career all- stars share? They always bring their A game. People who love their work exude enthusiasm, energy and passion. They take pride in their work. They are committed to excellence. They go above and beyond. They are engaged!

While these qualities seem obvious, most job seekers spend little time focused on these winning attributes and instead focus on the tactics of finding a job. Certainly top-notch tools, a well-polished resume and updated LinkedIn profile, rigorous interview prep/practice, sufficient research on prospective employers and excellent follow through every step of the way, are critical elements of a job search. But there are other critical elements that coaches often overlook as core to professional development, growth and career success.

What is the “secret sauce” to landing a great opportunity and to distinguishing yourself in the workplace?

Here are my top five tips:

Be Curious: Be a great learner and a great scanner. In addition to becoming an expert in the area you wish to pursue, demonstrate an understanding of the broader landscape for the fields you’re interested in as well as the context for the roles you’re pursuing. Prepare questions that demonstrate you have done research on the fields and opportunities you are exploring.
Be Open-Minded: Be open to new ideas, to different opinions/viewpoints/perspectives. Demonstrate self-awareness. Be receptive to feedback, both positive and critical.
Be Invested: Take an active interest in your work. Go above and beyond. Build appropriate work relationships.
Be passionate: Show up. Be present. Don’t just phone it in.
Be All In: Be enthusiastic. Commit fully. Love what you do and learn from what you do! Every job and experience teaches us something new, provides us with exposure to new people and new ideas, and becomes part of our portfolio.

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