We get it. Your inbox is overflowing. The pace of today’s workplace is lightening fast. You are running your to-do list and mulling challenges in the middle of the night. We can help.

  • Are you preparing to deliver tough performance feedback?

  • Building a high-performing team that aligns with your business strategy?

  • Do you need to provide support for your newly hired CEO?

  • Looking to develop talent within your organization?

  • Are you thinking about your next career move?

Our Story

Working Wonders is a collaborative of workforce experts who understand your problems and can help you solve them. Simple as that.

After 25 years of working across sectors, with countless clients between us and a shared commitment to keeping it fresh, Lisa Hills, Nanette Fridman, and Faun Zarge are proud to create a one-stop Working Wonders platform to address your workplace challenges. We love thinking about new solutions and sharing the tried and true tricks we’ve accumulated. We are excited to share our energy with you and to work wonders together.

Lisa Hills

Lisa Hills

Work Place Expert, Talent Developer, Team Builder, Executive Coach

Lisa understands the challenges facing individuals and organizations and has the breadth of experience, energy and focus to bring her clients strategies and solutions to tackle these workplace issues. Working with clients who encompass both the private and not-for-profit sectors, Lisa focuses on issues including: leading successful organizational change; developing team talent; creating high-performing teams; and, designing strategies for individual and team success. Lisa has long-term relationships with clients, partnering with them through the implementation of practical, high-impact solutions as well as guiding them through management and leadership challenges. She provides executive coaching and will work with clients to navigate performance issues, hone communication skills, and enhance management/leadership effectiveness. Lisa also helps clients through the recruiting, on-boarding and developing of emerging talent.

Contact Lisa to:
  • Build a High-Performing Team
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Guide your Organizational Strategy/Planning Process
  • Align Talent with Strategic Direction
  • Navigate Change
  • Coach C-Suite Executives/Senior Leadership
  • On-Board/Develop Your Talent
Nanette Fridman

Nanette Fridman

Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Fundraiser, Board Advisor, Keynote Speaker

Nanette provides coaching, training, retreat and meeting facilitation, and keynote speaking to both for-profit and non-profit clients. She prides herself on helping clients elevate above the day to day, clarify goals, design winning strategies, and radically prioritize their work to be more efficient, effective and impactful. Her motto is plan to succeed!

Contact Nanette to help with:
  • Coaching for C-suite leaders, managers, board leaders and development professionals
  • Strategic or yearly planning for organizations, departments or teams
  • Governance topics such as onboarding, optimization of governance structures, policies and procedures, succession planning, and engaging board members as ambassadors and fundraisers
  • Leadership and team development
  • Communication topics such as storytelling, assertive communication and presentation skills
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation for staff and boards
  • Annual, legacy, endowment or capital fundraising
  • Keynote speaking on a variety of topics related to generations, volunteerism, leadership, philanthropy, women, collaboration and innovation
Faun Zarge

Faun Zarge

Work/Life & Resilience Expert, Trainer, Coach

Faun Zarge is an employee burnout and resilience expert who teaches clients how to reduce burnout and build a culture where employees are pumped to go to work every day. She is a high-energy trainer and coach known for her interactive programs and concrete strategies that can be put into practice immediately. With over two decades of experience in the work/life field, Faun believes that learning to navigate personal and professional challenges is critical for organizational and individual effectiveness and she loves giving people the tools to make that happen. Working with both private and non-profit clients, Faun is committed to helping clients develop the necessary skills for bringing their A-game to every personal and professional role they play.

Contact Faun for help with:
  • Preventing personal, professional, and team burnout
  • Strategies for effective work/life integration
  • Building personal and professional resilience
  • Thriving during workplace change
  • Navigating difficult conversations
  • Giving and receiving meaningful feedback
  • Workshop facilitation, retreats and offsites, and individual coaching
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