Give Thanks This Holiday Season

Although this Thanksgiving many of us will be able to share our tables with at least a modest number of guests, we’re still grappling with COVID and the individual choices and comfort levels around COVID protocols. And, in the workplace, people are worn out, fatigued from the challenges of remote, hybrid and in-person work situations and tired of navigating these uncertain times. Thanksgiving presents an excellent opportunity to thank your team members, co-workers and colleagues. Work place satisfaction surveys consistently report that what employees want most is feedback and recognition. The good news is, expressing gratitude is easy to do and will go a long way in lifting your team’s spirits.

Working Wonders wisdom for giving thanks:

Make it personal and specific to the recipient!

  1. Give Thanks: Express appreciation. Do not underestimate the impact of thanking your team members and co-workers. Personal notes (perhaps coupled with gift cards to favorite coffee or lunch spots) are very meaningful and appreciated. Be specific. Thank team members for their willingness to take on additional work, for their flexibility, or for being a supportive colleague, citing examples that reflect your thoughtfulness and awareness of specific roles individuals have played.
  2. Give Recognition: Celebrate wins. The impending Thanksgiving holiday is a great chance to celebrate accomplishments, both individual and team. Designate staff meeting time in the coming weeks to recognize big and small wins. Great team building opportunity! Make it fun, invite everyone to add to the Team Wins! or Our Team is Proud of… lists.
  3. Give Time: Encourage unplugging. The gift of time boosts morale and generates enormous good will. Consider giving additional comp time. Even an extra half-day off for holiday shopping and prep will be greatly appreciated. Most importantly, encourage everyone to be off-line, free from the 24/7 constancy of checking e-mail, on Thanksgiving Day.

At this time of Thanksgiving, we want to express our sincere appreciation to our wonderful colleagues and clients. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to work with you and we hope you will find moments of joy and gratitude throughout this holiday season.

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